Come Out of There!

I think we all remember a time as children where we were playing around where we were not supposed to be only to hear our parents or some other responsible adult yell at us to “Come out of there!” So too we as children of God should heed the Father (or older brother)’s call to get out of places and situations that we should not be in. I remember a conversation not too long ago with a man who had advised me that “we,” as in Christians, “need to be in the room.” I believe he meant this in the context of a divorced couple and that a Christian attorney (who should not advocate for divorce except in limited circumstances) should be there to try to continue to advise them against divorcing while also (at least from my understanding of what he said) facilitating the process of the divorce. I will confess that at the time I agreed with what he had to say, believing that Christ does not want us to “leave any man behind” as it were and so we should be there even in the midst of a sin and (what I now realize upon reflection) allow ourselves to take part in it on the chance we could stop it or mitigate its effects. However I have come to realize Christ would never ask us to do this nor would he ever want us to.

Christians should never sin in an attempt to witness to sinners.

The moment you compromise with sinners you have become a hypocrite and lost your witness. How can we honestly tell someone what they are doing is wrong (such as divorce) while we are doing it with them (such as an attorney facilitating an ungodly divorce)? I just don’t see how this works. There is no compromise in Jesus Christ.

Christians need to preserve themselves from the world and stay away from sin.

I do not read in the bible that Christians should not associate with non-Christians, in fact I read that Paul allows for such things (1 Corinthians 10:27). However, we must realize that they do not believe the same things we do and may engage in behaviors that trouble our conscience. If we feel ourselves being tempted into violating our conscience then we must for our conscience’s sake keep away from relationships with people who lead us into such temptations. Even if this is an old friend or a family member, we must keep ourselves at a distance from those who would tempt us to compromise ourselves. When asked who his family was, the Lord said those who do the will of the Lord Almighty (Luke 8:21). I also caution those who have newly come to the faith to prepare yourself to defend your faith from those who knew you in the past. You may need to spend years living the life of a Christian before others truly believe that the “old man” is dead and that you are the “new man.”

Be prepared to forsake all.

We must be prepared to forsake all for the sake of Jesus Christ, even our families, friends and whoever else, because he was forsaken and died for our sakes. In the words of our Lord, ” ‘Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.’ ” (Matthew 8:22 ESV)

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, you are our brother and our friend, our constant companion. May we be strengthened to sever ties that need to be severed that we may be preserved blameless at your coming. Please keep us from all temptations and unfruitful and ungodly associations. Amen.

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