Notes on the Book of Romans – Part 3 – Chapters 9-12

Notes on Chapters 9-12

  • Evil men are sometimes specifically allowed to continue doing evil so that God can make an example/spectacle out of them (Romans 9:17). Let the wicked still be wicked and the righteous still be righteous (Revelations 22:11).
  • There are (and I believe always will be until the second coming) a remnant of believers left for the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter how dire things may seem (Romans 11:5).
  • Do not conform to the world around you but instead renew your mind in Jesus Christ (Romans 12:2). This is done by testing one’s mind (thoughts) (I believe against Scripture) to determine what the will of God is.
  • Use “sober judgment” (Romans 12:3 ESV) when thinking of yourself. We can not only become inebriated from alcohol but also from the flattery of others. Knowledge inflates our ego but love is what builds us (and our brothers) up (1 Corinthians 8:1).
  • Use your gifts according to the grace (i.e. amount) that they were given to you (Romans 12:6-8). I think this one hits home for me because sometimes I am reticent to write about a topic because I am not a credentialed theologian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to share. I try to share of those things that I do feel I understand and can speak upon with some confidence, even if I don’t have the understanding of Paul the Apostle.
  • Be genuine in your love and hate what is evil (Romans 8:9). I think it’s worth pointing out that these two commands are juxtaposed together. Perhaps because it is hard to be genuine in loving another if you don’t fully hate what is evil.
  • Be zealous and fervent in your spirit when serving the Lord (Romans 8:11). This is one I struggle with because sometimes life can bring me down but I do try and bolster my spirit man by reading from the psalmody or thinking of things to be thankful for. I do pray for all of us that the Lord increases our zealousness and fervency that we may better serve him.
  • Rejoice with hope, patient in trials and always in prayer (Romans 8:12). Again these three I believe are specifically put together for a reason. I believe Paul was speaking from experience, particularly when he was praising the Lord and singing hymns while he was in prison (Acts 16:25). I can’t know for sure, but I imagine he was focused on the hope of freedom that he rejoiced in and was patiently waiting for while in prison, whilst also praying through the night for that freedom – and he was freed! Paul walks the walk here and I think we can think about his example when we are going through struggles, especially when things look bad.
  • Help the saints by generosity and hospitality (Romans 8:13). We need to help each other and support each other however we can, particularly in praying for each other.
  • Bless those who afflict you and seek to do you harm (Romans 8:14).
  • Be compassionate (rejoicing with the happy and mourning with the sad) (Romans 8:15).
  • Mind your reputation in the world and do those things that will be considered right in the sight of all (Romans 8:17).
  • Live peaceably with all people as best you can (Romans 8:18).
  • Never seek revenge (I would include here including and particularly in your thoughts) (Romans 8:19).
  • Attend to the needs of your enemy (feed him if hungry, give him something to drink if thirsty) and so overcome the evil of the world with your good works (Romans 8:20-21).

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