I am writing this post in part so as to convict myself because one of the things I do not do enough is testify of the good things that God has done for me, which are truly more numerous than the sands of the sea. I will testify as to some of them at the end of this post but want to first discuss a little bit about testifying to the goodness of God.

Everything we receive, be it healings, blessings, wisdom, etc. can be used as material for a testimony to others (believers and nonbelievers alike) of the goodness of God.

We see in various places in the Psalms that David frequently discussed testifying of all of the good things that God had done. For example, in one psalm he recounts the goodness of the Lord to him and says “[f]or this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations.” (Psalm 18:49 English Standard Version). For similar examples see Psalms 57:9, 108:3. So too we should testify to the goodness of the Lord to those who do not believe, that they may glorify the Lord and their hearts may be turned to him, in fact we are commanded to do so.

We are commanded to testify of the good things the Lord has done for us, and therefore to disobey is sin.

In one of his psalms David commands us to “[t]ell among the peoples his deeds!” (Psalm 9:11 ESV). I do not think it too much of a stretch to interpret this Christologically and to hear Jesus Christ himself commanding us to tell the people what he has done in our lives. In fact this very command actually does occur in the New Testament in the Book of Mark. Jesus tells the demoniac who called himself Legion to go and testify of the things Jesus Christ did for him, and the man obeyed him (Mark 5:19-20). “And [the demoniac] went away and began to proclaim in the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him, and everyone marveled.” (Id; ESV, emphasis mine). This is the power of our testimony, we can change the hearts and minds of many by sharing the power of Jesus Christ.

The man called Legion had multitudes of demons and I believe that part of the reason he was used as a testimony was because of the extraordinary deliverance that he received from Jesus Christ. So too if you have received miracles in your life then please do share them with believers and nonbelievers alike, to strengthen the faith of the former and turn the hearts of the latter. It is interesting to note that shortly after delivering the demoniac Jesus was asked to leave the area (perhaps because the residents were plagued with demons that were scared of being delivered out of him and so they convinced them to shoo him away (Matthew 8:34). So too we must not be discouraged if everyone doesn’t want to receive our testimony, because if we can save the soul of one person then it’s worth it.

A little of my own testimony…

So I will just share briefly that the Lord Jesus Christ has helped me in a variety of ways: he has healed me of lifelong allergies, he healed a chronic inflammation in my knee (these two occurred after a long fast), he has protected my possessions on numerous occasions from thieves, he has provided for my material needs, he has turned the heart of a person who accused me of things I did not do to shame, he has on numerous occasions effectively manifested a shelter for me when I thought I would have none, he has protected me from bodily harm, he has given me patience to endure a variety of trials, he has fed me, clothed me and provided a roof over my head (which I pray to God that I never take for granted). He has forgiven all of my complaining, muttering and general lack of thankfulness in addition to my blaspheming. He truly is full of mercy, compassion and love. He is a true brother and friend and he has never forsaken me. For this I give him thanks and praise and as much love as I have to give.

Lord Jesus Christ please have mercy on me, a sinner.

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