Christian Websites (non-paid) that are Looking for Content

I thought it might be helpful to provide some links for unpaid work for Christian writers, which you could use to help build your audience and expand your network. Please find below some Christian websites that accept unsolicited work. Please note that these links are not endorsement of any of these organizations or their theology (if they have provided any).

The Christian Mail. This is an online Christian newspaper that generally covers Christian news around the world. They accept guest posts for their blog and are open to having people write for their blog.

Blogs by Christian Women. They accept guest posts to their blog (I think it might just be for Christian women though). The post can’t be a reprint and should be between 500-1000 words.

Relevant Magazine. Online magazine geared to 20s-30s Christian crowd. Their subjects include opinion pieces, spirituality, life, culture and social justice.

Grow Christians. This is an online ministry of the Episcopalian church that it looking for slice-of-life type stories (600-800 words) from young Episcopalians.

Red Letter Christians. They are a Christian movement that describe themselves as focused specifically on the words of Jesus Christ (hence “red letter”). They mainly publish commentary on current events (but are open to other submissions) and have a nonfiction focus. They do accept reprints.

Inspirational Christians. They are looking for biographies of well known Christians of at least 600 words in length.

Inspirational Christian Blogs. They are a Christian blogroll that do accept reprints (but they would prefer original work).

Christian News Post. An online Christian newspaper that is looking for guest bloggers to write two posts a month (over 400 words each) on a variety of topics.

Living Christian. A Christian website that is open to articles and blog posts under 2000 words. They do accept reprints.

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