The Devil in the Pizza Shop

I’m trying to eat healthier these days but this last week has been a struggle. Flashback to about an hour ago where I’m sitting in my local pizza joint enjoying a nice NY-style slice of pizza when I hear the workers upfront start talking about designing tattoos and how one of them wouldn’t do any tattoo designs that had any satanic symbols because he doesn’t want to mess around with that kind of stuff on the off chance it’s actually real. I’m trying not to put in my two cents because we are called not to meddle so I stay mum. However, then the other two folks working behind the counter start to get in on him about actually believing the devil is real and him being worried about messing around with invoking demons, but, praise God this guy is sticking with his guns on the matter. They keep going in on him so I decide to chime in with “I’m with you!” and then the family right next to me chimes in agreement as well. I then add a somewhat feeble “It’s not cool man” (I’m not up on the lingo as you can tell) but we were there supporting him and I was glad for the opportunity to do so.

I didn’t get the sense that this man was a Christian but if I could discourage him (and anyone else that was listening) from messing with that stuff then I’m calling it a win. Just wanted to share that story with y’all. Do you have any stories like that you want to share?

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