This Week in Around the Blogosphere (02/16/19)

I was inspired to a do a weekly highlight of the blogs I read by fellow blogger and Christian Reggie Rivett, who does a weekly roundup of the things he has read or watched that week. Thanks Reggie for the idea. Without further ado…

Art and the Word

Victoria Emily Jones’ blog “Art & Theology” combines, amongst other things, art, scripture and music to help bring the Word to life. This post “Blessed Are (Artful Devotion)” features a short, interesting write-up on a gospel quartet from the early 20th century.

Haikus and Black-and-White Photography

Melinda Green Harvey’s blog “The Poetry of Photography” offers daily haiku poems accompanying black-and-white photography. I love her poetry and her pictures. For a flavor of her work, check out “2169.”

Hebrew Lessons

For those interested in learning biblical languages “Hebrew Word Lessons” is worth a stopover. I’m not sure if it’s done in modern Hebrew or ancient Hebrew (there are some key differences) but I still think it’s worth checking out either way. The latest post is on the Hebrew word for love.

A Christian Lawyer’s Blog

This blog by Anna Waldherr covers a variety of topics. I like her post on the development of Christianity in Africa.

These were just some of the posts that caught my eye this week. Do any of you have suggestions for blogs or posts to check out?

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