Christian News Weekly (2.24.19)

I have decided to create a weekly news aggregator for the Body of Christ. Some caveats: this is not intended to be comprehensive, my focus is on the larger denominations (official and unofficial) of the Church and particularly on news relevant to American Christianity (but I will also include “international” news if I feel it is relevant to American Christendom). Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments on the below links. Please also let me know if you have any suggestions for additional information you would be interested in. *Please note that the denominations listed are only those that I felt had newsworthy items to report for the week.


  • Christian evangelism in the United States is facing some problems, apparently at least in part due to increasing societal norms relating to acceptance of differing viewpoints, whether contrary to Christian values or not.
  • On the steadfastness of Polycarp and its application to the times in which we live.

African Methodist Episcopal

  • A man reflects on his visit to Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, years after the tragic shooting that took place there.


  • The Anglican Church has a problem concerning low youth attendance and is considering LBGT outreach efforts to address the issue.
  • The Anglican Communion is set to give a report to the UN Human Rights Commission on the role of faith efforts in combatting human rights trafficking.
  • An assistant bishop in Australia is set to be defrocked for not taking appropriate action in response to reported child sex abuse.


  • The Southern Baptist Convention is facing a large crisis of trust as a result of allegations that it has covered up multiple reported sexual abuses. The author advocates an increased role for women in positions of leadership as a potential remedy to the problem.



  • Is the United Methodist Church heading towards a split over LGBTQ+ matters?

Roman Catholic

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