Christian News Weekly (3.3.19)

My apologies for my absence; things have been a little busy so it’s been hard to work on the blog, but I didn’t want to have a postless week so without further ado I provide you with this edition of CNW.


  • An article on the dangers of mixing religion and politics and making an idol of politics to achieve the ends of the Church instead of God.

Anglican Communion

  • Anglican Communion considering a “World Anglican Centre” in Bethlehem.

Roman Catholic Church

  • In this letter to the editor, the writer, a doctor, claims there is no link between celibacy and abuse (The Guardian).
  • Five major church leaders that have been taken down by sex abuse scandal.
  • Amid declining church attendance, the Catholic Church in the U.S. is looking to grow amongst Latinos.

Seventh Day Adventist

Southern Baptist Convention

  • According to the Guardian over 250 of the SBC’s leaders assaulted over 700 congregants over the last 20 years.
  • Another article: there is disagreement in the SBC over how much scrutiny its member churches should have in regard to sexual abuse in addition to how to handle abusers who have claimed that they have repented.
  • The SBC has cancelled seven church investigations, sparking outrage and protest.

United Methodist Church

  • The UMC has taken a firm stand on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy; will the UMC remain unified?

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