Christian News Weekly (3.11.19)

I deliver to you a belated CNN with news not only from the United States but around the world.


  • A new study shows Pentecostal churches lead the way in growth of converts among denominations while most Protestant churches are not doing well in attracting new converts.
  • On the importance of sexual abuse prevention policies in churches.
  • The Chinese government is moving forward with a plan to “Sinicise” religion, including Christianity.


  • In South Africa one pastor’s “resurrection” of a purportedly deceased man was viewed by others as a stunt and brought castigation from other African pastors. There are concerns that hucksters are using these purported miracles to take advantage of desperate people.
  • On the growth of the global church and its influence on American Christianity.

Roman Catholic Church

  • The Roman Catholic Church has decided to make an early release of Pope Pius XII’s secret archives.
  • The Hawaiian Senate is considering a resolution that would call on the attorney general’s office to investigate Hawaiian Catholic Clergy to determine if they are implicated in child sexual abuse.

Southern Baptist Convention

  • One SBC Executive Committee member has resigned over backlash from the SBC’s decision to end various inquiries into sexual abuse.

United Methodist Church

  • The UMC faces a potential split after its vote on LGBT issues.

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