Struggling with Temptation? I Wrote a Prayer to Help You

I think temptation is something that we all struggle with. I know I do anyways, so I thought that I would write this prayer for those who do struggle with temptation. Prayer Against Temptation Lord Jesus Christ, for forty days you suffered temptations in the wilderness by the Devil and you emerged without yielding. Lord … Continue reading Struggling with Temptation? I Wrote a Prayer to Help You

We Must Persevere in Seeking the Lord

The Lord looks favorably on those who approach him with earnestness and won't take no for an answer (with the caveat that what they are seeking is in keeping with his will).  He uses the example of the persistent widow and the apathetic judge to demonstrate how we as Christians should be persistent in our … Continue reading We Must Persevere in Seeking the Lord

Minding Our Spiritual Atmosphere

As Christians we should be aware that there are certain spiritual realities that may affect the efficacy of our works. One of these is unbelief, and I do not mean our own but that of others. The unbelief of others hampers our spiritual gifts. Even the Lord Jesus Christ was subject to this spiritual reality. … Continue reading Minding Our Spiritual Atmosphere

Prayer Resources – Holy Warrior Affirmation

I have decided to start this series of posts because I thought it might be helpful to counter some of Satan's lies with God's truth. This list ( inspired me and so I am working off of some of these compiled affirmations and fleshing them out more into affirmations/prayers. I would also consider going through … Continue reading Prayer Resources – Holy Warrior Affirmation